Looking Forward to New Releases in 2019

Barnes & Noble BookshelfFor the last few months I’ve been planning new releases for 2019. This past year has been a little slim with the closing of Crimson Romance and a few dead ends in terms of agents/editors. However, I’m thinking full steam ahead for next year!

In January I plan to release California Sunshine on Prolific Works free e-books site. It will be serialized as a run-up to the re-release of California Sunset. I’ll add a new section to that book, “The Story Behind the Story.” It is a story that came from many of my own real life experiences.

If you are part of my mailing list, you’ll hear about a discount I’m also offering in January for a few weeks. (To get on my mailing list, click for free copy of Love on the Wind! at the top of the page.)

Finally, if things go as planned, I hope to have the first book in my new series based in Choteau, Montana, Home Is Where the Heart Is. It is different from much of what I have written before, leaning more towards women’s fiction with romance than a straight romance. CJ Beck is the oldest, and only, daughter of a ranching family who has been covering the wars in the Middle East for the last decade. Personal tragedy sends her home, but she may also find a way to heal her heart and soul.

I wish my readers and fans a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a happy, blessed, and joyful 2019! You keep me going!


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