Advent of Kindness Calendar

If you’ve spent any time on Facebook, you may have seen the Advent of Kindness calendar that’s making the rounds. What a wonderful idea! Here is a version of it I found that was made available:

Advent of Kindness Calendar

Whatever version you use, the idea is the same. Practice random acts of kindness all […]

Release Day! Second Chance Christmas Is Available!

Today is release day for Second Chance Christmas. As is appropriate after Thanksgiving, I am thankful for many people who have collaborated in the creation and publicity for this book.

Julie Sturgeon and Tara Gelsomino from Crimson Romance (an imprint of Simon & Schuster) have been stalwarts for a long time.

The Montana members of RWA who have critiqued, supported, and been cheerleaders and […]

Getting in the Mood for Christmas Romance

Clark Fork River Ice and SnowThe Hallmark channels launched their Christmas season a few weeks ago. I know — it’s a little early for me, too.

But here in Montana, the early snow is edging us a little closer to the season. We have about an inch, but the bushes and trees across the river are coated in ice, […]

Cover Reveal: Second Chance Christmas Romance

Cover - Second Chance ChristmasSecond Chance Christmas, my latest Christmas romance set in my town of Missoula, Montana, hits the shelves on November 27, 2017!

This book has a new twist. I’ve upped the intrigue. Not only do Reese and Findlay need to find their way to each other, but they need to figure out […]

Fall Romance: Apples, Golden Leaves, and Love

Fall Leaves Great Basin National ParkSeveral years ago DH and I went on a fall trip that had been recommended by Sunset Magazine. The trek took us down the “Loneliest Highway in America” (Nevada’s Route 50), to Great Basin National Park and to the small town of Boulder, Utah.

It was peak […]

Talk It Out: The Key to Relationships

Holding hands, photo by RichardBH

Creative Commons License; Photo by RichardBH

Recently my newly married personal trainer asked me, “What’s the key to making a relationship work?”

After I wrenched my mind from concentrating on rolling my thighs on the hard foam roller (painful relief …), I gave him the one word answer I […]

Country Mouse and City Mouse. Romance Possible?

One of my fellow writers grew up in Great Falls, Montana, a city about 140 miles from the Rocky Mountain Front. Contrary to Chicago’s claim, Great Falls is one of the windiest city in the US, with average speeds above thirty miles an hour. (The actual windiest city in Montana is Livingston.) Great Falls lies on the open plains, and chinook winds from Canada drive across the front and east. Space and sky are all […]

Cover Release: Love on the Wind

Love on the Wind Cover Love on the Wind

by Casey Dawes

Mountain Vines Publishing

Releasing on October 12, 2016

All Becky wanted to do when she was growing up was to get out of Hardin, Montana, a small town with a conservative bent close to the Battle of […]

Settings of Romance Novels

Yesterday, I started my new story, tentatively titled, Montana Christmas Miracle. The hero, Logan, comes to Montana to visit his uncle. The heroine, Julie, is the assistant in the sweet shop in Sweet Montana Christmas. How important are the settings of romance novels?

These two people play their story against the backdrop of Montana. I’ve always felt that the world of a book is an important element of any novel, whether that setting is based […]

Chocolate + Firetruck = Christmas Romance

Sweet Montana Christmas, contemporary romance, coverOne of the questions authors get frequently asked is … “Where do you get your ideas?” It’s not a question only aspiring authors ask–it comes from curious readers. They want to know what sparked the idea–anything in real life? If they did the same thing, could they find their true love?

When we were […]