Costanoa Wines

The people of Costanoa enjoy their wines, particularly if they are from the Santa Cruz Mountains.  Here are some of their favorites….


Burrell School Chardonnay — Burrell School is a fun winery with great wines and views in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Mandy and James have this wine on their Monterey trip.

Martella Syrah — Michael Martella has been making wine in the mountains for decades. He’s also the winemaker at Thomas Fogarty.

Ridge Cabernet — Ridge Vineyards wines are renowned throughout the world. James orders this wine when he first meets Mandy.

Storrs Chardonnay — When only the best will do for Elizabeth.

Thomas Fogarty Chardonnay — The wine Mandy orders on her first date with James.

Thomas Fogarty Pinot Noir – Pinot noir, the heartbreak grape, keeps the winemakers of the Santa Cruz Mountains guessing.