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About Casey Dawes

Casey Dawes has lived a varied life–some by choice, some by circumstance. Her master’s degree in theater didn’t prepare her for anything practical, so she’s been a teacher, stage hand, secretary, database guru, manager in Corporate America, business coach, book shepherd, and writer.

She inherited an itchy foot from her grandfather, traveling to Europe and Australia and many towns and cities across the US while in business. She’s lived in towns with a population of 379 and in an apartment complex on 42nd Street and 9th Avenue in Manhattan. She’s dragged her belongings from New Jersey … to Massachusetts, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Virginia, California, and Montana.

She believes in true love and the ability of honest, thoughtful conversations to solve most problems.

With two children and four step-children, her personal life was a challenge when she met and married her current husband who has proved to be the love of her life. They reside in Montana where she quilts, writes, and coaches on the banks of the Clark Fork River. The couple is haunted by the ghosts of three cats.

Book List

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