A Christmas Hope -- A Christmas Romance Short Story

Cover--A Christmas HopeA Christmas Hope


Struggling entrepreneur Clara Misowski believes in Christmas hope. Artisan cheesemaker Sam Richards hasn’t celebrated in a decade. Will her determination be enough to make him believe in Christmas romance?

Three failed businesses and an abortive marriage have made Clara doubt her ability to make a success of anything. Her latest venture—a tasting party and culinary road trip business she’d named The Perfect Plate—is her last chance at independence. She’s gambling it all on a Christmas weekend in upstate New York.

Sam is comfortable with his border collie, his sheep, and his artisan cheesemaking business. No Christmas cheer needed. He wants no part of Clara’s plan to include his business in her tour. When she shows up to convince him in person, complete with broken down van, her constant good cheer rubs against him like sandpaper.

A Christmas Hope is a very short contemporary Christmas romance. If you like sweet Christmas romance set in a wintry small village and interesting characters, you’ll enjoy this book.

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The Story Behind the Story

Jars of Honey

“Jars of Honey at the Minnesota State Fair Agriculture Horticulture Building” by Tony Webster. Creative Commons License.

Around 2003, I completed my coach training at Coach U. At the beginning, I floundered, trying different niches until I found one that actually worked–small business coaching. One of my first clients was Kaycee, a woman who was also trying to discover her exact niche. She had an impeccable style, planned events, and staged parties. We worked together for a few years before she moved on to someone else.

We ran in the same circles and stayed in touch. When she latched onto the idea for The Joyful Table, I was enthralled. Her Facebook page was filled with pictures of small groups of women enjoying themselves as they went behind the scenes of artisan foodmakers–honey producers, cheesemakers, winemakers, and the like. It was genius!

Unfortunately, Kaycee was stricken with cancer, and after a two and a half year battle, she left us. Clara Misowski is my tribute to this amazing, creative, and sweet soul.

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