2 Foodies on the Road: Breweries

On our current roadtrip, we’ve explored two breweries — on in Glendive, MT, the other in Two Harbors, MN.

Cross Country Brewing

“Glendive’s Original Brewery”
Est. 2013; Open 2017
320 E. Allard, Glendive, MT

Cross Country Brewing GlendiveSmall and rustic retreat from a hot summer day located in an industrial section of Glendive. A lot of regulars appeared to be in attendance, chatting and playing cribbage with their brew.A delightful stop after we explored a bit of Makoshika State Park.

It’s always wonderful when a brewery gives me a sample before I purchase. I don’t know much about beer, so it’s all learning. In addition to beer by the glass, there are growlers available.

We had:

  • Red Ale: A nutty flavor, palate-cleansing, especially nice on a hot summer day.
  • Well-Tempered Bach: Caramel taste, light beer.

Castle Danger Brewing

Creating a North Shore Experience
Est. 2011
17 7th Street
Two Harbors MN
(218) 834-5800

Castle Danger Brewing growlerOnce again looking for a respite from the heat of our Gooseberry Falls campsite on the north shore of Lake Superior, we found Castle Danger Brewing. Best of all–they had Wi-Fi! (We have working vacations, so an air-conditioned spot with Wi-Fi is a wonderful find.) The brewery is a popular spot, with tourists coming in waves even on a Monday afternoon in July. Long tables allow for fellowship and large parties.

We had:

  • Honey Raspberry Wheat: Refreshing on a hot summer afternoon, a touch of sweet without being overpowering.
  • Red Hop: Darker notes with a cleansing after taste
  • We took a growler of Ode IPA back to our campsite. A classic IPA, it was a bit on the yeasty side.


My husband and I like to travel and explore back roads. A lot of the time we make pots of food before hand, freeze them, and cart them along. We eat well (carbonara, lasagna, beef stew, etc.) with minimum fuss and expense.

We also try new restaurants, wineries and breweries. From time to time, we’ll post reviews.

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