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Casey Dawes contemporary romance author

Meet Casey

Contemporary romance author Casey Dawes is an award-winning writer who believes in the power of friendship and love to change lives. Her novels are filled with real-life situations where people discover how to change their lives for the better to achieve real love.

Casey has published three full-length novels in her California Romance series, published by Crimson Romance. A fourth, California Thyme, will be available on April 7, 2014. She’s also done two short stories for Books To Go Now: Chasing the Tumbleweed and A Christmas Hope.


California Sunrise, contemporary romance, coverCalifornia Sunrise

When Alicia Fuentes walks into Dr. Raul Mendez’s treatment room, something about the plucky single mom stirs his personal interest. After he diagnoses her son, Luis, on the autism spectrum, Raul takes a chance and offers support beyond the doctor’s office, hoping friendship might become more.

Grateful for the help, Alicia is tempted by her new pediatrician’s kindness, consistency, and attractiveness, but she has no room in her life for a serious relationship. She’s juggling a part-time job and classes at the local community college to get her life back on track and pursue a cosmetology career.

Between his busy medical practice and his desire to help his family, who was deported when he was a teen, return to the United States, Raul doesn’t have time for anything or anyone else, either. But his heart won’t be denied.

Hope of a new life arises for them both, but fate and prejudice could threaten their newfound bond. Can their blossoming relationship withstand the political and personal battles that lie in wait?


Personal Politics, Contemporary Romance Anthology